Best Flat Head Pillows

Baby Flat Head

Our babies spending a lot of time lying on their back which can be the reason your baby is developing the flat head syndrome. There are two main types of this condition; plagiocephaly is when the baby's head is flattened on one side and makes it looks asymmetrical while brachycephaly is when the baby's back of the head becomes flattened.

Having a baby with flat head can easily be treated by getting the right baby pillow for your baby while sleeping, driving in the stroller or lying on the floor. The most common causes of flat head syndrome are when the baby sleeping on their back, having problems in the womb, being born prematurely or having neck muscle tightness. A young baby's skull is soft and can easily adapt the another shape if there is a constant pressure.

More tummy time

Give your baby more tummy time during the day and encourage them to be active.

Change positions

Switch your baby more often between a sling, sloping chair, flat surface and carrier.

Avoid flat surfaces

Try to reduce the time your baby spends lying on flat surfaces such as the floor.

Use a baby pillow

Buy a good baby pillow to prevent flat head syndrome or, at least, reduce the risks.